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About us

PROLISTIC GmbH was founded in 2002 as an engineering, consulting and trading company in Schuepfen, in the heart of Switzerland.
Prolistic originated from an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in the field of process optimization and logistics in both the public and private sectors.
The services offered by the PROLISTIC GmbH comprises:

  • conducting system studies and process analyzes
  • the proposal of process optimization and automation solutions
  • the development of customized solutions
  • the execution of projects, including installation and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance of system solutions
  • Maintenance concepts


Customer proximity

As a family business one thing is most important for us: Customer satisfaction!
Thanks to years of experience and a small but personal and highly efficient team, we understand the concerns of our customers and take personally care things. With Prolistic, you are working from the first day until the completion of a project and the follow-up / maintenance with the same team. This makes us not only faster, but also more flexible in comparison with our competitors.


There is nothing more painful than weeks of waiting for solutions. Prolistic GmbH relies on efficiency. Our development team is always available for customers and does not hide behind a hotline or the sales team. You have a complex problem? Then talk with us directly with an experienced engineer who can probably implement the solution at once. Our knowledge of complex automation solutions lead to reliable, yet quickly available solutions.

Consulting, planning and project management

Seek help from professionals!

We advise and support you when planning your sorting solution.
Whether it's a feasibility study, profitability or cost-benefit analysis or just a hall layout, Prolistic GmbH offers help. We can visit sorting centres together to give you a taste of our technology worldwide.
Of course, any accrued counselling costs are deducted with the purchase of a sorting solution.

Individual customized solutions

You have an idea? We make it happen!

Prolistic GmbH specializes in addition to it's standard products to customized solutions.
We sort a very wide variety of products using our sorting machines. Whether single sheets, DVD's or just letters and parcels of all sizes, there are almost no limits.
We implement customized solutions with our software team, that reduce your process costs to a minimum.

Installation, commissioning & TRAINING

We support you!

Prolistic and NPI (ISO 9001 certified) always check your individually constructed machine before transportation through elaborate quality tests. In order to ensure a maximum quality even during installation and commissioning, the installation is carried out exclusively by qualified personnel. This ensures that your machine is running optimally.
The training tasks are always performed by a service technician that is fully responsible for you. In case of problems, we make sure that we can help you as efficiently and quickly as possible.
Along with the training and after installation, you are able to work with the machine in optimum quality.

Support & Service

365 Days, 24h!

Our support team is always available by phone and email.
With an average response time of 5 minutes we beat industry standard response times.
We have no standard call-center staff, give us a call, speak always directly with a trained technician.