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Magazine 2xStandard capacity: 2413 mm (95")
Default BinsCapacity 381mm
Pick-off rateUp to 100,000 mailpieces per hour
Noise< 72dBA

Physical mail characteristics

HeightMinimum90mm (3.5")
Maximum162mm (11.5")
ThicknessMinimum0.178mm (0.007")
LengthMinimum120mm (5")
Maximum292mm (11.5")

Power requirements

Voltage(2)415 VAC 3 Phase Wye configuration
Current15 - 45 Amps per phase
- or -
Voltage(2)208 VAC 3 phase Wye configuration
Current30 - 90 Amps per phase

Operating environment

Temperature10°C to 30°C
HumidityUp to 95% non-condensing
Space requirementsFrom 7.2m

The fastest letter sorting machine in the World!

In your demanding mailing environment, flexibility and reliability are every bit as important as high performance. NPI’s Crossfire SE delivers all of the above like no other sorter on the market today. Compare the Crossfire SE to any other sorter. With its advances in reading and sorting technology, and its amazing processing speeds, the Crossfire SE is the obvious choice for your complex, high-volume mail sorting needs.
The Crossfire SE is generally based on two Maxim sorting machines, which have to feeder aranged both in front and sorts into the same pockets.
The Crossfire has the same peripheral options such as our Maxim.

Key Features:


Bin options