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Partnes & Suppliers

Thanks to long term partnerships with highly specialized suppliers, we are fortunate enough to be able to offer the highest quality to our customers. We'd like to present you some of our partners below.


NPI develops innovative and market-leading sorting machines for more than 35 years. More than 1000 machines have been installed worldwide. NPI sets the standard for affordable, high quality, low-maintenance machines that meet the highest expectations in mail sorting.
NPI is a partner company of Prolistic Partner GmbH since more than 12 years.


As a partner company of Prolistic GmbH, Pretri uses Prolistic sorting solutions for it's consolidation business in France since more than 6 years.


Since 1982 Spectra develops customized solutions in the field of measurement and automation solutions. Our machines are equipped with their high performance industrial computers.


As a registered partner of Dell, Prolistic GmbH uses Dell server hardware. The responsive and competent support fits perfectly with the needs of our customers.


OCS Checkweighers proves to be the ideal partner company for Prolistic supplying us with continuous and checkweighers scales, combined with volume measuring systems and scanners.

In addition to these partners, Prolistic GmbH partners with many more innovative technology companies that contribute with their innovations to ensure, that our sorting machines are always on the cutting edge of technology.