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Flats up to B4

Standardletters, compact letters and flats can be sorted up to B4 and 20mm with following sorting machines.

Omega Atlas

Based on the industry proven Omega platform, one of the most compact sorters on the market today, the new Omega SP continues moving forward with its industry leading innovation like its predecessor. With options like the verifiable dynamic scale, OCR, BCR and Verifier and speed of up to 30k pieces per hour, the Omega SP is the logical choice when looking for a complete sorter. More information:
Product description Omega Atlas


The NPI Vsort has revolutionized flat-sorting technology. It has industry leading throughput. It handles letters and flats up to 18mm thick. But, at the end of the day, what you really care about is your bottom line — and that’s where Vsort really shines. With its combination of speed and features like patented anti-jam technology and direct sorting to your containers (including container full detection), this amazing sorter minimizes the need for human intervention. The bins must no longer be emptied by hand (!). The containers may also be transported with conveyor belts. Which translates to real cost savings and improved profits for your company. More information:
Product description Vsort