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Sorting of incoming mail

Worldwide unique sorting of incoming mail

Are you sorting your incoming mail manually or would you like to modernize your actual sorting process? Prolistic offers the perfect solution. Our software recognizes and sorts structured and non structured addresses to departments, persons or just key-words. Using a process called prioritization we ensure that the letter is distributed very precisely to the correct addressee (eg. person before department). Using recognition of handwriting and videocoding, we are able to treat 100% of the incoming mail automatically.
The storage of shipment data enables unique track and trace solutions. Thus, letter information and images are retrieved through a secure web portal before the actual delivery to the department has even taken place.
Based on the recognition result, our letter opening module opens the letters dynamically during the sort process. It can be freely configured, which letters are to be opened and which are to be processed un-opened. Thus, a whole work process can be gained!

We also have a solution for inbound registered letters. These can be stored in a separate database by recoding the OCR result as well as the optional barcode and the image of the letter.

Key Features:

This software module can be combined with all other software modules and can be used on all of our machines. So using only one sorting machine, all mail flows (incoming, in-house, outgoing) can be collected, sorted and processed.