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Consolidation / postage optimization

Prolistic GmbH offers consolidation solutions for letters since 2002.
By consolidating outgoing mail flows, Deutsche Post offers discounts within the framework of partial service contracts ("Teilleistungsverträge").
Our sorting machines have been used since the beginning of consolidation by our customers. Through continuous optimization we now offer the perfect solution.
We support all major separation card systems (barcode, magnetic, RFID etc.), so that the delivery of the letters can be precisely billed to the specific customers.
Separating different letter sizes and weights, we are able to process 100% of the letters. In addition, our software provides the opportunity to pre-sort the letters for different postal service providers.
That way you have the opportunity to choose your ideal mail service provider in a certain region or on a certain day. The storage of shipment data additionally enables unique track and trace solutions.
So the data for each individual shipment can be retrieved whenever they are needed, even months later. And your customers can access that information through a secured web portal.

Key Features:

This software module can be combined with all other software modules and can be used on all of our machines. So using only one sorting machine, all mail flows (incoming, in-house, outgoing) can be collected, sorted and processed.

Billing system ISI

Prolistic GmbH also provides an automatic billing system with the following key features:

The software can be easily adapted to customer needs.