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Sequence sorting

Sequencesorter VSort

Sorting to the last detail

Our sorting machines are used worldwide for sorting "the last mile". Therefore the whole address is read and depending on the configuration, we sort to region, district, postman or even postman's tour. Using video coding, 100% of the mail can be processed automatically.
The storage of shipment data and applying a barcode on each letter enables unique track and trace solutions.
Your customers can retrieve the data of their letters (incl. letter images and delivery informatio) the same day through a protected web portal.

Are your postmen still sorting their letters by hand?

In 2007, Prolistic GmbH developed a first solution to sort letters to delivery point.
Using a perfect mathematical algorithm, all letters can be sorted into this delivery point sequence.
Prolistic does not use the usual "Sequence sorting" algorithm, but a different more dynamic algorithm that calculates the optimal sequence order depending on the shipment quantity, the number of sort pockets and final destinations. Thus, the number of sort runs can be drastically reduced to up to 2 (!) runs only.
A customer that sorted manually so far, benefits twice through automation:
First, the central manual sorting to each postman is not needed anymore and second, the peripheral manual sorting of each postman into it's own delivery route is getting dispensable.
The savings in both areas are roughly equal (!), so economically it is very important not only to automate the central sorting to postman but to automate peripheral sorting simultaneously by performing a sequence sort.

Key Features:

This software module can be combined with all other software modules and can be used on all of our machines. So using only one sorting machine, all mail flows (incoming, in-house, outgoing) can be collected, sorted and processed.